A comprehensive 400+ page published book!

Experience Lucky’s passion for teaching Mandarin Chinese to students around the world through her comprehensive and professionally produced online video series to help you build fluency in record time! Learning a new language is fun — and having a book guiding you every step of the way, written from a student’s point of view, is a great start!

A fantastic book for both beginners and advanced students!

  • Step by step learning process with each chapter building onto the next
  • Multiple in-chapter exercises to reinforce new knowledge along with real-life conversation dialogs
  • Pinyin and Simplified Chinese characters throughout
  • In-book Chinese English mini-dictionaries
  • Comprehensive video series tie-ins to help with your pronunciation and fluency
  • Chinese history and modern cultural notes
  • Over 170 photographs taken across China!

Although Chinese is made up of a variety of dialects, the Chinese in this book is called Putonghua, which uses the Beijing speech sounds as its standard pronunciation. The Northern dialect is now the standard across mainland China.

This book is specifically written from the perspective of a new learner. This means it uses extensive testing, imagery and practical conversations to help you become familiar with Mandarin Chinese in an intensive manner. There are also plenty of bonus materials to help you gain cultural insights, further helping you to understand the way Chinese citizens think.

The goal of this book, written by both Lucky and Jon, is to help you gain a deep, intensive understanding of this amazing language that has remained mostly unchanged for thousands of years.

If you wish to purchase a digital copy, head over to: http://cncking.com/shop-essentials/books.html

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